Property Tax Assessment Review & Appeal

Property taxes are a significant portion of total operating costs, a burden which has increased considerably in the past number of years. This tax burden has a direct effect on net operating income, which adversely affects your ability to compete in today’s market.

Precision Appraisal Services Inc. can identify errors in the application of property assessment policy and procedure. We can provide ongoing property assessment management and review. We will carry through with negotiation, case preparation and presentation at all stages of assessment appeal hearings, if necessary. With the proper research and presentation, many adjustments can be procured without ever proceeding to the assessment appeal hearing stage.

Fees for property tax consulting can be calculated hourly or on a contingency basis.

We know the strengths and weaknesses of the Saskatchewan Assessment Manual and the policies and guidelines of the assessors that determine the values. We can find errors and inconsistencies in how properties are assessed and make sure formulas, rules and principles of assessment and all applicable legislation is followed.

Consider outsourcing the specialized task of property tax management for your corporation. This decision will allow people in your organization to concentrate on other company issues, while an expert handles property tax management. This will save your corporation time and money.

Mark Dean, AACI, P.Ag. has over 17 years experience with Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) in all aspects of property tax assessment, including (but not limited to) commercial property inspections, verification of sales, detailed market analysis and development of land and building assessment models. He has prepared and presented cases at many Board of Revision and Saskatchewan Municipal Board property assessment appeal hearings. Mark Dean is intimately familiar with the assessment system in Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Assessment Manual, procedures used by assessors, and all applicable legislation.