Precision Appraisal Services Inc. offers current and historic valuations of farmland and all types of farm buildings.
Precision Appraisal Services Inc. is an approved appraiser of residential properties for most banks, credit unions, mortgage companies and underwriters in the residential mortgage market today. We also offer services such as valuation for estate, divorce, pre-marketing or purchase price confirmation.
Commercial and Industrial
commercial Precision Appraisal Services Inc. does valuations on commercial property including general commercial, industrial, office, retail, farm, RV and automotive dealerships.


Precision Appraisal Services Inc. will do duplex, fourplex, semi-detached units and larger apartment buildings.
Property tax consulting, assessment review/appeal


Precision Appraisal Services Inc. can identify errors in the application of property assessment policy and procedure. We will carry through with negotiation, case preparation and presentation at all stages of assessment appeal hearings, if necessary. With the proper research and presentation, many adjustments can be procured without ever proceeding to the assessment appeal hearing stage.
Replacement Cost
Precision Appraisal Services Inc. provides replacement cost valuations of commercial buildings, using current building cost data to ensure you are not over or under insured.
ex Precision Appraisal Services Inc. provides calculation of compensation due as a result of full and partial takings, expropriation of land, loss of use and damages.