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What We Do

Precision Appraisal has provided clients with professional appraisal reports on the following types of property:

Agricultural Appraisals
  • Cultivated and Non Arable Land Appraisals

  • Rural Yardsites with Residential and Agricultural Buildings

  • Equipment Storage Facilities

  • Grain Elevators and Seed Storage Facilities

  • Livestock Production Facilities - Hog Production and Cattle Production

  • Feedmills

  • Conservation Easements

Residential, Acreage & Resort Residential

We have appraised thousands of residential, resort residential and rural acreage properties, focusing on attention to detail, extensive research and qualified opinions of value.

Multifamily Property Appraisals

Our appraisers are very experienced in the valuation of duplex, triplex, fourplex property as well as larger apartment, townhouse and condominium property types. Local market sale and rental research is key in completion of accurate multifamily appraisals.

Commercial & Industrial Appraisals
  • Offices (Owner-Occupied, Single & Multi-Tenant)

  • Commercial Retail Units (CRU's)

  • Strip Malls (Multi-Tenant Shopping Centers)

  • Warehouses and Industrial Properties

  • Hotels and Motels

  • Apartment Complexes

  • Mixed Use Commercial Properties

  • Stand-Alone Retail Outlets

  • Grocery Stores and C-Stores

  • Vacant Land and Commercial Lots

  • Subdivision Development (residential and commercial)

  • Recreational Properties & Lodges

  • Historic Sites

  • Mini-Storage Properties / Mini-Warehouses

  • Automotive Dealerships

  • Churches / Funeral Homes

  • Farm Implement Dealerships

  • Petroleum Storage & Card-Lock Facilities

  • Market Analysis and Rental Rate Surveys

  • Mobile Home Parks

Property Tax
Property Tax Consulting

We provide property tax assessment audits, ongoing property tax assessment management and identification of errors in the application of property assessment policy and procedure.  We will carry through with negotiation, case preparation and presentation at all stages of assessment appeal hearings, if necessary.  With the proper research and presentation, many adjustments can be procured without ever proceeding to the assessment appeal hearing stage. 

In addition to being an accredited appraiser, Mark Dean, AACI has more than 17 years experience with Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) in all aspects of property tax assessment including detailed market analysis and development of land and building assessment models.


Consider outsourcing your property tax function to ensure you are not paying too much.  

Pre-Listing and Pre-Sale Appraisals

An objective and independent appraisal provides vendors, purchasers and realtors with real estate value certainty. Everyone involved can have peace of mind going into a real estate transaction, that fair market value has been established by an appraiser who is accredited with the Appraisal Institute of Canada.

Mortgage Financing

Obtaining a loan to assist your real estate purchase or renovation requires your financial partner to make lending decisions. The value of the real estate has an important role in whether or not the loan can be approved, the terms of approval and the pricing. An informed decision to obtain an appraisal report from an appraiser accredited by the Appraisal Institute of Canad helps both parties work together by bringing certainty to the property value.

Estate Appraisals
Estate Appraisals

In Saskatchewan, the courts rely on an an accredited appraiser to assist in making the important decisions needed to settle the estate. We have completed many of these assignments for both individuals and law firms.

Family Law
Family Law

Our professional appraisal reports have been used in both collaborative and contentious situations to the clients with unbiased opinion(s) of value. Mark Dean, AACI has been qualified as an expert witness by the Saskatchewan Court of Queen’s Bench regarding agricultural real estate valuation. 

Replacement Cost Estimates
Replacement Cost

Knowing that the office complex or warehouse site is not over-insured or under-insured helps establish accurate and cost effective insurance levels. Properly detailing the cost estimate for such commercial enterprises requires the skill of a trained AACI who has the leading and most updated costing software needed to get it right.


An owner is entitled to compensation when private property is acquired for public purposes. Calculation of due compensation for the purposes of expropriation is very different from a routine appraisal. Whole Takings, Partial Takings and Injurious Affection, all require the expertise of a trained AACI to provide an informed calculation of due compensation, as outlined in applicable legislation and supported by case law. Mark Dean, AACI is a member of the International Right of Way Association (, has been trained in the valuation of partial takings, and has completed valuations for many expropriation related files.

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